February 7, 2022

Shepherd’s Care Foundation (SCF) has become aware of a bus that was a part of the convoy in Edmonton this past Saturday that featured the name “Shepherd’s Care Kensington Village” on it along with an old Shepherd’s Care Foundation logo. The bus also featured anti-mask decals.

This is NOT a current SCF vehicle. It was sold over 5 years ago to an unrelated party. The SCF branding should have been removed before or at the time of sale.
We are actively attempting to locate the owner of this vehicle and work with them to have our SCF branding removed as soon as possible.
The most effective tools society currently has at its disposal to fight COVID are high vaccination rates, reduced in-person contacts, and widespread use of personal protective equipment including masks.
Throughout the pandemic, seniors have experienced firsthand the devastating effect the virus has had, as well as the effectiveness of public health measures.