COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

Updated Protocols

In response to the omicron wave, we have implemented a number of protocols for our sites to ensure we are protecting our beloved residents:

  • Increased use of staff and resident rapid testing, including enhanced daily testing for any staff member who is a known close contact of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case
  • Isolation and testing of all symptomatic residents, as well as any resident returning from hospital or returning from out of facility pass
  • Reduced in-person visitation (see below)
  • Pastoral programming moved to online and Channel 716
  • Reduced numbers of in-person recreation activities

If you have any specific questions about your loved one, please contact their site directly.

Visitation Policy

In-person visitation at all sites is currently restricted to the Designated Support Persons (DSPs) only. If you have questions about whether you are a DSP or who they are, please contact your loved one’s site directly.

All visiting is restricted to in-room only. If your loved one is in a semi-private or shared room, only one DSP may visit at a time. If your loved ones is in a private room, a maximum of two DSPs may visit at a time.

Visitors are strongly encourage to supply and bring a KN95 or N95 mask when visiting (unfortunately, we are unable to supply them). If you are not able to bring one, we will provide you with a Level 3 surgical mask and face shield.

Visits must be pre-scheduled through Cubigo (see and visitors must provide proof of full immunization, must not have had close contact with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case in the last 14 days, and must not have returned from our of country in the last 14 days.

DSPs are still permitted to visit an outbreak site, however they must wear full PPE.

Public Disclosure of COVID-19 Cases

Updated: January 20, 2022

Shepherd’s Care Foundation is committed to transparency with the public and our stakeholders. This page will be updated as soon as we are made aware of any changes in these numbers. These numbers do not include any staff or residents who are on isolation.

Based on the number of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases at a site, AHS will choose to place the site “Under Investigation” or “On Outbreak”. For sites On Outbreak, we strongly urge DSPs to refrain from attending.

Kensington Village Campus

Kensington Village is on full outbreak from AHS.

  • Long Term Care:
    • 30 residents
      • 2 recovered
      • 4 sadly passed away
    • 18 staff
      • 5 recovered
  • Dementia Cottages (SL4D)
    • 15 residents
    • 17 staff
      • 5 recovered
  • Supportive Living (SL4)
    • 2 residents
    • 4 staff
      • 4 recovered
  • Homecare (PSL)
    • 4 residents
      • 2 recovered
    • 7 staff
      • 5 recovered
  • Support Staff
    • 11 staff
      • 2 recovered

Shepherd’s Care Millwoods

Shepherd’s Care Millwoods is on full outbreak from AHS. (Note: Millwoods Manor is an independent living residence and we will not be made aware of any COVID-19 cases there)

  • Long Term Care:
    • 1 resident
    • 36 staff & support staff
      • 18 recovered
  • Supportive Living (SL4/DAL)
    • 0 residents
    • 1 staff

Shepherd’s Care Greenfield

Shepherd’s Care Greenfield is under investigation from AHS. All residents were tested the week of January 15 and the tests were all negative.

  • Dementia Care (SL4D)
    • 0 residents
    • 6 staff
      • 2 recovered

Shepherd’s Care Vanguard

Shepherd’s Care Vanguard is on outbreak effective January 20 due to a positive staff member. We are swabbing residents and monitoring for symptoms.

  • Supportive Living (SL4)
    • 1 resident
      • 1 recovered
    • 9 staff
      • 5 recovered

Shepherd’s Care Eden House

Shepherd’s Care Eden House is on full outbreak from AHS. All residents were tested the week of January 15 and the test results have been negative so far, however not all test results are in yet.

  • Complex Care
    • 0 residents
    • 9 staff and support staff
      • 2 recovered

Shepherd’s Care Barrhead

Shepherd’s Care Barrhead is on full outbreak from AHS. All residents were tested the week of January 15 and we are currently waiting results.

  • Designated Supportive Living (SL4)
    • 0 residents
    • 12 staff
      • 9 recovered