COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

Updated June 30, 2022

Endemic COVID Management

Effective June 30, Alberta Health has moved all continuing care into endemic phase management. The following guidelines and restrictions are still in place:

Visitation Policy

If a site is not on outbreak or under investigation, then there are no restrictions on in-person visitation.

Visits must still be pre-scheduled (see below), and visitors must be masked at all times. If a site is on outbreak, only one of the four Designated Support Persons (DSPs) may visit.

Visits must be pre-scheduled through Cubigo (see Visitors will be screened for COVID symptoms, exposure, and international travel.

Outbreak and Disclosure

A site is only put on confirmed outbreak by Alberta Health Services if two linked cases are confirmed. Otherwise, a confirmed case will not place any restrictions on a site. All disclosures and updates will be made to families via Cubigo.


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Further Information

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