Building a House of Good Governance

When it comes to our strategic plan, we look at what we do as a teeter-totter, with quality care on one side, and quality accommodations on the other. The triangle on the bottom of the teeter-totter is all the administrative elements it takes to keep care and accommodations going.

When you invest too much in care, the  accommodations component begins to fall, just as  when you invest too much in  accommodations, you take away from the care, as these are the only two funding streams outside of charitable donations.

Our goal is to maintain balance on the scale, so as we continue to grow, we can stay relevant and be a destination of choice for incoming generations.

That’s why, as of April 2019, 95% of our budget will go towards quality care and quality                      accommodations, and the remaining 5% will cover administration. So, when you donate to Shepherd’s Care Foundation, you know that 95 cents of every dollar has a direct benefit to our residents.

In order for this to work, there must be confidence in the organization’s ability to reach and sustain this level of effectiveness. Therefore, we are working together to build a “House of Good Governance.” The foundation of the House is built with three  principles:

  • leadership, ethics, and a culture committed to good governance
  • stakeholder relationships
  • risk management

Once these have been well established within the  organization, we can continue building the rest of the House, and develop our focus on other areas that will allow us to maximize our governance outcomes.  We are already a step ahead in building our foundation, with a strong community of loyal donors, volunteers, family members, corporate supporters, staff and most importantly, our residents.

Our stakeholder relationships have always been important to us, and will remain so as we work  together in building this House of Good Operational Governance, and in building confidence in our new vision of providing quality care and quality  accommodations within an efficient and effective   organization.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Strategic Leadership Team at Shepherd’s Care Foundation,     thank you for your continued support over the past year, and may God bless you in the years to come.


 Shawn Terlson

 President & CEO

Notice To Residents of Vanguard, Barrhead, Greenfield, Kensington, Millwoods and Eden House:

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