Sharing the Gospel: A Volunteer’s Story

Sharing the Gospel: A Volunteer’s Story

Kiel Jaravata, a volunteer at Shepherd’s Care Foundation, has experienced first-hand the impact the Gospel can have on our residents. This is his story.

There was a resident who was new to Shepherd’s Care. She  was a universalist, but a bit skeptical of the Gospel Message. Pastor Blair at the time recommended that I visit with this lady to help share the Gospel. Upon hearing her story and background, she began to ask me about mine. I took the time to explain to her my own faith and testimony, and it helped to spark her interest in wanting to know more about Jesus. She agreed to have me come visit her once a week to read the Gospel of John to her. In those weeks, she asked questions about Jesus and told me more about her life. She told me how she has always believed in God and how provident He was in acting throughout her life; however, she was always unsure how to seek Him, which  is why she read many universalist and spirituality books. It was not until we read the Gospel of John  did it become clear who God and Jesus is to her. She asked to have a copy of the Bible, and after she received one I later found out that she has fully read all four Gospel accounts. 

I will never forget the day she accepted Christ into her life. After reading a section of the Gospel of John to her, she was shedding tears. She tells me that she never knew  all she needed to do to find peace was to seek and accept Jesus. She would recount  moments throughout her life where she had dreams about Jesus, knowing it’s Him calling to her. But no one ever came to her until she was at Shepherd’s Care to share the Gospel. It was there that she finally got to know and meet Him.

- Kiel Jaravata, Volunteer

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