FAQ for Shepherd’s Care Senior’s Rentals and Condos FAQ

Last Updated: April 6, 2020

This FAQ will be updated continuously with the most current information and Shepherd’s Care policies and protocols as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. Please refer back to this page frequently.

Independent Housing (Rentals and Condos)

Independent Housing (Rentals and Condos)

Do I need to sanitize my groceries?

Every external contact point, including groceries, is a potential entry for COVID-19. It is strongly recommended that you sanitize groceries when they come into your suite and wash your hands after each contact point. An excellent resource on how to do this is here: https://thewirecutter.com/blog/should-you-sanitize-groceries/.

What about laundry?

You can still continue to do laundry in the building, although we recommend minimizing your trips. We have increased our sanitization in high-touch areas like the laundry facilities using 1-minute kill products.

This does not apply if you are under quarantine as a result of a potential exposure to COVID-19. For those residents, we ask that you call 780-447-3840 for assistance.

How are deliveries being handled?

All deliveries of medication, personal items, groceries, or external meals  must be dropped off at the main doors and our staff will arrange for delivery. Please advise our staff if there are any items that are immediately perishable like ice cream.

Are you allowing new residents to move in during the pandemic?

 We have suspended all new move-ins into our independent living apartments indefinitely for the duration of the pandemic. We do not have authority to suspend move-ins for our condo properties however we strongly recommend that condo residents refrain from moving during the pandemic.

Our care facilities (long term care, supportive living) are regulated by the provincial government and we are bound by our Master Service Agreement to continue to intake residents into our long term care and designated supportive living sites. All new intake residents are required to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival and any personal items coming into the facility will be sanitized.

UPDATE: All mew move-ins into Kensington Village long term care and supportive living have been suspended during the pandemic.

How will my garbage be handled?

For residents in buildings with garbage chutes, please continue to take your garbage to the chute as normal. We have increased sanitization in high-touch areas like the garbage chutes using 1-minute kill products. Once you return to your suite, immediately wash  your hands.

This does not apply if you are under quarantine as a result of a potential exposure to COVID-19. For those residents, we ask that you call 780-447-3840 for assistance.

For residents of Millwoods Shepherd’s Gardens Condos only, to assist residents in disposing of their garbage, Shepherds Care Foundation will be picking up garbage from in front of your suite door on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday between 9:00 am - 10:00 am. Please do not take your garbage through the care center to the bin as we have sealed the doors off.  Please ensure that your garbage is not left in the hallway overnight and that it is double bagged to prevent leaking. 

How will meals be handled?

We have closed our dining rooms in all of our independent living facilities in response to the pandemic. Residents have the option to order and schedule in-suite delivery. Please call your main desk and refer to the information sheet you received for ordering instructions.

For residents in senior’s condos and rental apartments on our meal plan, you do not need to add additional funds onto your card in advance if you wish to exceed your meal limit. Go ahead and order what you need and we will sort out the billing after.

Due to the method in which the meals are prepared, we are unable to refund or reallocate meal credits. Please be assured that our food service preparation and delivery staff undergo rigorous screening each day, including a screening and a temperature check. Any staff presenting symptoms are required to isolate for 14 days and undergo a swab. We have also invested in increased sanitization and enforcement of proper infection control protocols, especially in food handling. 

My relative needs care services.

During the pandemic we are not permitting any visitors at our senior’s apartments and condos sites. If you had previously delivered care to your loved one, please contact our Home Care office to discuss how they can help at 780-435-HOME(4663).

Can someone check on my loved one?

If your loved one lives in independent housing (senior’s rentals or condos), we can perform a welfare check only if they are receiving funded home care services through us. In that case, please call the main number for the facility they are living at to arrange one.

If your loved one is not receiving any home care services administered by Shepherd’s Care, please call 911 to ask for a welfare check.