Foundation Membership

The root of SCF’s ongoing success is the quality of the people who constitute the Foundation membership. The Shepherd’s Care Foundation consists of 50 individuals elected from sponsoring churches, who bring a variety of expertise to the organization. 14 of these members are elected by the Foundation members to serve on the Board of Directors.

Shepherd’s Care Foundation is seeking new members to play a part in championing our vision.

As a Foundation Member, you will:

  • Be expected to attend and participate in the Annual General Meeting each fall
  • Have the opportunity to elect the SCF Board of Directors
  • Be eligible to serve on Shepherd’s Care committees, such as Governance, Finance and Audit, and other ad-hoc committees
  • Be eligible to be nominated for election to the Board of Directors

If you are interested in joining our Foundation, please  contact Clint Cornish (Board Member) for more information.

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