Charitable Gift Annuity

With a charitable gift annuity, you can prepare for the future with a guaranteed, higher than average investment income, while committing to a financial gift for the future. You will receive immediate tax benefits, a fixed income over your lifetime, much or all of which will be tax free, plus the annuity requires no management. At the end of your life, the remainder of the gift provides funds to Shepherd’s Care Foundation to continue providing care, support and programs for our 1,800 residents.

A gift annuity is best suited for those 60 years and older, and can be established for a minimum of $20,000. 

What can you expect from an annuity?*

Harold is a 77 year old widower. He purchased an annuity through Shepherd’s Care for $40,000. He will receive monthly payments of $227.67 for the rest of his life, totaling to an annual amount of $2,732.04 (annual rate of return of 6.83%). He will also receive an immediate one-time charitable tax receipt for $9,089.82, plus 100% of his monthly payments will be tax-free.

*Rates for October 2017

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