COVID-19 Vaccines

Updated: January 12, 2021

Please check back to this page regularly as  it will be updated as more information is made available.

We are greatly encouraged by the recent approval of the first COVID-19 vaccines from Health Canada. We will continue our tireless advocacy through the Alberta Continuing Care Association and the Christian Health Association of Alberta to ensure our front-line staff and our beloved seniors are priority groups for vaccination.

Although we have already immunized 450+ staff and residents, with the alarming rate of community spread we remind everyone to remain vigilant about adhering to the updated public health guidelines to prevent further spread. This includes using technology to visit with your loved one as much as possible.

Will Shepherd’s Care Vaccinate my Loved One (Long Term Care and Designated Supportive Living)?

We have confirmed yes, for all residents who provide informed consent. We have an established vaccine delivery system for influenza with our partners at Alberta Health Services and our clinical pharmacy, Care Rx (formerly Pharmacare).

Who will Shepherd’s Care Vaccinate my Loved One (Senior’s Rental Apartments, Home Care, Independently Owned Condos)?

AHS has confirmed Public Health will administer the vaccine to independent residents. In the past, they have set up mobile influenza vaccination clinics in independent residences, however we do not know at this point what the logistical plan will be. We do know that seniors have been identified as "Key Populations for Early Vaccination" by Health Canada. You can find more information here

AHS has not confirmed if the consent form will be required for independent residents. AHS will handle obtaining consent if this is the case.

As of January 12, independent residents, including home care clients/personal supportive living, have been moved to priority 1B by Alberta Heath. We do not know when they will be offering the vaccine to independent residents.

How is informed consent obtained?

All residents who are their own decision makers are able to provide informed consent. If they are not their own decision maker, the legal decision maker on file is able to provide informed consent. The AHS consent form (applicable to long term care and supportive living only) can be downloaded here

When will the vaccines be available?

We don’t know all locations yet - those we do know are below. However, since both front-line health care workers and seniors are identified as "Key Populations for Early Vaccination" by Health Canada, we expect it to be available in the first few batches. You can find more information here

Confirmed Dates

Barrhead (Residents) - December 31, 2020

Millwoods Long Term Care (3rd Floor Residents) - January 5, 2021

Millwoods Long Term Care (2nd Floor Residents) - January 6, 2021

Kensington Village Long Term Care (Residents) - January 6, 2021

Millwoods Long Term Care & Kensington LTC (Staff) - January 7 & 8, 2021

Barrhead (Staff) -January 8, 2021

Eden House (staff and residents) - January 8, 2021

Vanguard (staff and resident, Floors 1-3 only)  - January 12, 2021

Millwoods DAL - January 12, 2021

Greenfield (staff and residents) - January 13, 2021

Kensington Village Designated Supportive Living - January 13, 2021

Which  vaccine will be administered?

We had confirmed that since the Pfizer vaccine needs to be administered at the point of storage, which requires ultra-cold storage, long term care residents will be administered the Moderna vaccine which we expect to arrive in Alberta later in December. We do not know when our site will receive the vaccine.

Will Shepherd’s Care staff be vaccinated?

Yes, the vaccine available to front-line health care workers  as they are identified as a priority population. We have established staff vaccination processes. As an employer, we cannot mandate our staff be vaccinated; however, we will be doing everything we can to encourage our staff to be vaccinated and as health care professionals it is our expectation they will receive the vaccine to protect themselves and our residents.

Will staff or residents who previously had COVID-19 receive the vaccine?

Yes, we have confirmed AHS will permit vaccination of staff and residents that previously had COVID-19.

Will volunteers be required to show proof of vaccination before being permitted to volunteer?

At this point, we do not know. It is not clear how quickly vaccines will be made available to the general population. Volunteer services are always cancelled during an outbreak. 

What can you tell us about the Moderna vaccine?

The Public Health Agency of Canada has put together a detailed information page about the Moderna vaccine here

What other vaccine information can you share?

The Public Health Agency of Canada has prepared the following information resources about vaccine safety and efficacy:

Foundational webinar: COVID-19 Vaccine Foundations for Health Care Providers 

 Module 1: Health Canada COVID-19 Vaccine Approval and the Role of NACI in COVID-19 Vaccine Planning

Start Time During Webinar 0:06:11

Presentation 1 Presentation 2

 Module 2: COVID-19 Vaccines in Canada

Start Time During Webinar 0:34:53


 Module 3: COVID-19 Vaccine Administration and Immunization Clinic Planning

Start Time During Webinar 0:58:33


 Module 3: COVID-19 Vaccine Administration and Immunization Clinic Planning - Part II (not available as webinar, supplemental)


I have more questions about the vaccine.

We will share all the information we know about the vaccines on this page, so please check back here regularly. You can always email us at and we will do our best to answer you.

Some other resources that may be of help are:

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