Shepherd’s Care Foundation COVID-19 Public Disclosure

The following is the public disclosure of confirmed COVID-19 cases at Shepherd’s Care Foundation. To find out more about our ongoing response, please visit

Millwoods Long Term Care Centre Outbreak

There are currently no active COVID-19 resident cases and 5 staff cases at Millwoods Long Term Care, all of which were community acquired and unrelated to the outbreak at the facility.

Vanguard Care Centre

There are currently 27 active COVID-19 resident cases at Vanguard Care Centre. Note that as the 4th floor is independent living, we would not be made aware of any COVID-19 cases on the 4th floor.

There have been a total of 29 residents and 10 staff test positive for COVID-19. 

  • Of the 29 residents:
    • 1 is from the 1st floor
    • 22 are from the 2nd floor
    • 6 are from the 3rd floor
  • Of the 29 residents:
    • 2 have sadly passed away.

Eden House

COVID Outbreak. Our COVID+ resident has recovered. No other resident cases identified at this time after 3 rounds of swabbing. Two COVID+ staff (one contracted same from housemate, one from unknown source identified on an asymptomatic swab with 3rd round of swabbing). 


COVID Outbreak. Identified a COVID+ Staff  November 20 (acquired from social contacts/community acquired). Resident swabs negative.

Kensington Village

There are two active staff cases at the Kensington Village Dementia Cottages and one support staff case, all believed to be community acquired. All applicable residents and staff are being swabbed.


We have no COVID-19 cases at any other site.

Updated: November 30, 2020

Note: This page will be updated as soon as we are made aware of any changes in these numbers.