At Shepherd’s Care, one of our pillars is age-in-place. We strive to offer opportunities for our residents to stay within one campus of care as their needs change. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. We follow the processes of the AHS system, and residents must first be assessed and added to the wait-list before moving into a new area of care (for example, from an Independent Living condo into Supportive Living "SL4").

Here is the story of Susan to highlight the steps:

Susan is living in the Independent Living condos at the Kensington Campus. She owns the condo and an AHS assessment was not required to move in. Last month, Susan had a fall and has not recovered as well as she had hoped. She requires more assistance with daily activities and help with medication management. Susan decides she would like to move into another area of the Kensington Campus that offers her more support and services.

First, Susan must contact Alberta Health Services to get an assessment from a Case Manager. After being assessed for SL4, she adds Kensington Campus to her preferred list and is placed on the wait-list. Luckily, a suite became available and she was at the top of the AHS wait-list. Susan was able to stay within the same campus and receive the added support she needs. 

If a suite was not available first at Kensington, but at another location, she could transfer to the available suite and still keep her name on the wait-list for Kensington. Once a suite became available at Kensington and Susan’s name is at the top of the AHS wait-list, she would be able to move back to the campus.

For more information on navigating the continuing care system in Alberta, visit our Resources page.

Notice To Residents of Vanguard, Barrhead, Greenfield, Kensington, Millwoods and Eden House:

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