Three Steps of Aging-In-Place

Three Steps of Aging -in-Place

Shepherd’s Care Foundation prides itself on providing affordable, Christian, age –in-place care. Every day is a celebration of independence for our residents, whether they are in independent living, supportive living or long-term care. Yet, changes concerning health, mobility and support can rise at any time, which may shift a senior’s lifestyle. While Shepherd’s Care is able to offer a full spectrum of care options (sometimes all in one location, hence our slogan, “aging-in-place”), making the transition to a new level of care is not always as easy as moving across the hall. Maureen Schroeder, Director of Care – Supportive and Home Living, explains what to be prepared for when it comes time for your loved one to make a change:

Step 1: Make the Call

If a senior is living in his or her own home and requires more support, call Community Care Access (CCA) at 780-496-1300. A mini-assessment will be performed by a nurse over the phone, followed by a thorough in-home assessment by an Alberta Health Services Case Manager, to establish the right level of care for your loved one.

Step 2: Get on the List

shopping-list-707760_960_720Once a plan for care has been decided with AHS, the senior’s name will be placed on a waitlist with their preferred location and support level needed. While Shepherd’s Care will do everything we can to keep you living on the same campus of care, sometimes we simply cannot, so it is important to be prepared for this. The room availability and campus care options will ultimately determine the location that is offered to the senior.

Step 3: Decision Time


Once a room is offered to the senior, they will have 48 hours to ask any questions and make their final decision. It is important to understand that this offer gives the senior the support they need at the earliest available date. When the room is accepted, the move-in day and all other details will be decided, and the senior will soon have a new home.

Staying Prepared

This process can seem intimidating; however, by taking action, problems can be addressed and residents will receive the right care at the right time. It is essential for both seniors and their families to be prepared to respond to changes, whether these changes are in mobility, health or the community. By staying informed and aware, a safe and supported lifestyle can be lived within the Shepherd’s Care community.