Music Care Initiative

In Summer 2016, Shepherd’s Care Foundation piloted a project at our Kensington Campus to provide care to our residents through music. The program included drumming circles, one-on-one time spent singing, playing instruments, listening to music using ipods with residents, and group sing-alongs. 

We will be launch a permanent Music Care Program in 2017 and we need your help! 

Dear Friends,

For seniors, music is powerful in that it provides an outlet of expression for those who are generally quiet or have lost the ability to speak; it can bring immediate happiness to one who is usually upset; it keeps the brain active and provides familiarity to those who often feel lost – and these are just some of the benefits. After launching a Music Care Pilot Project in summer 2016 and seeing a positive impact on the residents’ well-being, we want to be able to offer a formalized, ongoing Music Care program for the increasing number of residents living in our daily supportive living (DSL), DSL with dementia and long-term care accommodations.

However, as with most of our major projects, implementing this kind of program can only be made possible with the help  of our families and friends, and so we  are asking you to join us  in creating a better place for your loved one. We have set a fundraising goal of $100,000 for Music Care; it is our hope that we can work together now to maintain an excellent standard of care into the future.

God Bless,

John Pray, President & CEO 

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Music has a powerful effect on people; it can allow a quiet resident to find their voice, and give a lost resident something familiar.

Jaclyn Bell, Accredited Music Therapist and Wellness Facilitator

Let’s make music together!


Your donation will help make the music come alive at Shepherd’s Care.

Donations, payable to Shepherd’s Care Foundation, can be made by cheque, credit card or online. 

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